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    TREE PLANTING POSTER 8.5X13To implement a sustainable project that will protect the environment and conserve the forest in support of the government’s “National Greening Program”  LCC foundation represented by the LCC Group Chief Operating Officer Mr. Romeo S. Tan , together with the one hundred (100) LCC service awardees and some LCC staff together with the  provincial environment and natural resources office (PENRO) Region V represented by Benjamin Medel and Lidong Development Cooperative (LIDECO) represented by Alma Remalla, participated in the tree planting program with a theme “PLANT A TREE, BUILD A COMMUNITY”.  Each was given 2 seedlings to plant in the Mayon Volcano National Park (MVNP) at Barangay Lidong, Sto. Domingo, Albay

    Pursuant to Executive Order No.26 series of 2011 for environment and national resources, protection, conservation and enhancement, economic growth and to mitigate climate change through the Urban Gardening Project


    Prior to the activity, LIDECO dig 300 holes in the planting site and placed markers to identify the holes where the seedlings to be planted. The bamboo markers were painted with yellow and blue-which is the corporate color of the company (LCC). During the activity, the PENRO gave an orientation about the history of the MVNP, the planting site, the species that will planted and some basic rules in planting the seedlings. The participants enjoyed a boodle fight meal with sumptuous viand after the activity.

    The partnership between and among LCC Foundation, PENRO Region V and LIDECO is bind with a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed by all parties during the Tree Planting last May 14,2016. In the MOA, each party has respective responsibilities, in order to sustain the project.

    In summary, the following are some of the main responsibilities of the parties:

    • PENRO-Identified planting site and provide the 300 seedlings.
    • LCC FOUNDATION- provide the manpower and material inputs to support the implementation of the program; conduct tree planting at the given site at least twice a year;
    • LIDECO-Prepare the planting site; maintain the growing seedling for the period of 3 years


    The project will be a continuous activity of LCC Foundation, which hopes to conduct it twice a year in order to maximize the half hectare of land at Barangay Lidong.