Cancer and Degenerative Health and Wellness Seminar

Cancer and Degenerative Health and Wellness Seminar was held at LCC Mall Legazpi Event Center 2 last August 14, 2016. The activity was attended by a number of professionals, senior citizens, and Enagic Distributors. The speakers were Mr. June Leung and John Lim, South East Asia Ambassadors of the American Anti-Cancer Institute (AACI). The speakers enlightened the participants with information on Cancer and Degenerative Diseases. They also presented testimonies of people with cancer and degenerative diseases who got well because of the protocols of AACI. At the end of the day, participants were reminded that healthy living will prevent having this diseases. LCC Malls supported the move of this organization in campaigning for healthy lifestyle because indeed, health is wealth. The event was only for a day but the learnings gained by those who participated will last a lifetime. (Photos taken from Mr. Roland Bongais)

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