Basic Occupational Safety and Health training at LCC Legazpi

In pursuit of providing a more convenient and enjoyable shopping experience, LCC Mall Legazpi in cooperation with the Salus Consultancy Services and the Department Of Labor and Employment (DOLE), conducts the very first Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH), a series of training’s and seminars that promotes safety and health awareness among employees in their work environment.

The 40-Hour training series was held at LCC Mall Legazpi Function Room C during Saturdays and Sundays of November. This was attended by 53 LCC employees that were divided in two batches consisting of four sessions. The first batch of attendees attended the training series last November 5,6,12 and 13, 2016 while the second batch attended the training series last November 19,20,26 and 27, 2016.The invited speakers were from DOLE which tackles about the safeness and readiness of the employee in case of emergency and the instances they should avoid to prevent themselves from harm. The training series also consist of different activities that help the participants to be equip with necessary knowledge and skills regarding their safety and health in the work environment for a better and safer place to work in.

As each sessions concluded, the participants left the four corners of the room happy and secured as they learn new things and knowledge that is very essential not just to their profession but also to their lives.

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