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Feel the Holiday Season at LCC Supermarket!

Philippines had always been tagged as a country with one of the longest Christmas Season. Despite the Halloween on November, the holiday season usually starts as soon as the “Ber” month comes.

This festive tradition of the Filipinos is highly reflected on what you see everywhere. Buildings filled with Christmas lights, lighted lanterns hanging on every house, the domination of red and green motif on malls and other commercial areas.

The same can be said in LCC Supermarket. The supermarket’s lobby in its flagship branch in Liberty City Center -Ayala Mall in Legazpi City is a beacon of Christmas Highlights and Displays. The premium and well-thought of display in the lobby area of the supermarket is comparable to international grocery retailers. In addition to Filipinos’ festive Christmas tradition, the look and feel of the place will surely make its consumers count the days until December 25!

LCC Supermarket Ayala Lobby Area – Christmas Specials
Christmas Baskets available for purchase in LCC Ayala Mall Lobby

Different sets of Christmas Baskets are available for purchase. Each basket comes with different products and variants depending on the preference of consumers. Each basket also contains international and local brands alike. Besides helping customers decide and easily shop for ingredients, it can also be a good gift to close family friends.

In addition to the good ambiance, the selection of products that will be in demand for this season is also off the usual Christmas Specials consumers see everywhere.Selection of premium and imported wines

A wide range of premium and imported wines from different parts of the world is readily available in the lobby area. Different people with varying preference will definitely find their match with the wide selection of wines. Besides every bottle complimenting the tables on Christmas Eve, it can also be a perfect gift for a loved one whom you would like to relax and enjoy the season

Enticing display of fruits perfect for the Holiday Season

Fruits, as every year goes, is one of the main attraction and most expected part of every Christmas table. In LCC, you can find fruit baskets that will give you a set of carefully selected fruits that will perfectly compliment all dinner tables even before Christmas Eve. Contrary to the usual fruits we see on dinner tables, each basket also comes with a selection of exotic fruits that every consumer will definitely enjoy. LCC makes it a point to cater to all consumers’ tastes and preferences as much as possible. They will also save time setting up fruits into baskets as every purchase would come as a set. There is also a superb display of different selection of grapes, also at a surprisingly affordable price!


Christmas Chocolates available for purchase



Since Christmas is also a season of sweets, what could be a better way of pleasing the kids than buying them a set of chocolates? There are sets of chocolates and nuts available for the kids and kids at heart. Each set is wrapped in Christmas packaging that is both enticing and delicious to look at!

With the displays, selection and assortment of Christmas Specials in LCC Supermarket, it is hard not to feel the season’s ambiance. In a more humorous way to put it, even the Grinch could hardly ignore the festive vibe it gives to its consumers and employees alike. Truly, LCC stepped up their game again to greet its loyal customers a Merry Christmas.


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