Leasing choices in strategic mall branches

LCC Mall offers entrepreneurs spaces which they can use as appropriate venues for business expansion.

Getting started is easy. To be an LCC Mall tenant simply complete these requirements.


Ms. Josephine L. Despuig
Corporate Leasing Manager
Mobile number: 0998-585-1245
Email Address: josephine.despuig@lccgroup.com

Contact Persons:

Ms. Catherine M. Rico
Lease Marketing Supervisor
Mobile number: 0998-583-0394
Email Address: catherine.rico@lccgroup.com

Area 1 Malls
(Legazpi, Daraga, Sorsogon, Masbate, Tabaco, Ligao & Polangui)
Ms. Shane A. Calma
Leasing Specialist for Albay Mobile number: 0998-583-0399
Email Address: leasing.lc@lccgroup.com

Area 2 Malls
(Iriga, Nabua, GOA Baao & Naga)
Ms. Aiza Guiterrez
Leasing Specialist for Cam Sur
Mobile number: 0920-911-0124
Email Address: leasing.ng@lccgroup.com

Supermarket Albay
Ms. Myra L. Sianoya
Leasing Specialist for Supermarket Albay
Mobile number: 0998-583-0396
Email Address: leasingsmr.area1@lccgroup.com

Supermarket Cam Sur
Ms. Marlene Publariz
Leasing Specialist for Supermarket Cam Sur
Mobile number: 0908-876-5812
Email Address: leasingsmr.area2@lccgroup.com