Last September 8, 2017, LCC Supermarket re-launched their supermarket in Naga City. With the store’s improved features and more convenient shopping experience, it is definitely one of the most sought after stores now in Naga. LCC is really one step ahead now with its standards at the level of best retail industry practices.

The re-launching started with a ribbon cutting led by city officials, board of directors and the company’s executives. Added to the life of this event is the appearance of their guest celebrity, Aljur Abrenica who serenaded the shoppers and audience.

Besides the entertainment brought by Mr. Abrenica, the highlight of the event was the improved features of the supermarket offering its shoppers a step towards innovative modern retailing. With wider and optimized floor plan, superb set of displays, wider assortment, and customized product range, every shopper agreed that LCC Naga definitely did not let its consumers’ demands go unnoticed. With these new developments, it’s clear that LCC is stepping up their game.

According to the recent trends, the Philippine market is becoming more and more health conscious. Shoppers demand to be informed of the product they are buying and besides the savings and value, they are also after the health benefits of each product. LCC was quick to recognize the change that needs to implements and thus, the newly re-launched supermarket boasts of its Health and Beauty area with a more enticing visual concept. The shelves are designed with inviting feel and with sales personnel disseminating information about every product that the shoppers would have an interest in. Every product is placed and organized carefully to make it easier for the consumers to navigate through all the assortment.

Not only with the improvement of their Health and Beauty Area, the supermarket is also proud of its wider assortment particularly on imported products. Shoppers are excited to try new products that they saw on shelves. The wines with different countries of origin fascinate every shopper who paid a visit in the store. It would be easy to say that one of LCC’s new offer for its faithful consumers is the taste and flavor all around the globe.









Every visitor is also piqued by the complete offerings in the Fresh Section of the supermarket. The display of the products is superb and the sanitation is highly appreciated by conscious shoppers. Besides this, shoppers are also assured of the freshness of each product that comes with great budget savings!

In addition to the usual offerings in the Fresh section, LCC added an area dedicated solely for dried fruits and fishes, highlighting Filipinos’ taste for the said products which had been an integral part of every Filipino kitchen for centuries. All these products can be bought on the quantities, customized depending on shoppers’ needs.








But what are all these developments in consumers’ shopping experience if there would be no promos and discounts that will suit everyone’s budget? LCC’s “Hot Deal” offerings assures its shoppers of the great value upon purchasing certain products. There are dedicated shelves for the said assortment which can clearly be seen inside the store premises. Many shoppers are noticeably going through these shelves carefully, confirming how much they will be able to save.









As most retailers know, the retail landscape is constantly changing and the ability to adapt to these changes is a sure way to success. LCC held the dominion over Bicol region for a long time and their experiences in dealing with their shoppers and meeting their demands makes it better through time. They continue to prove the statement that the company is always one step ahead. For LCC, every shopper is their priority and innovation is their brand!

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